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Guided Tours and Rallies

You are planning a conference or a company excursion, an anniversary or a school trip to Berlin?

Whether it’s a private occasion or a business trip – we will make your Berlin visit an unforgettable and smooth experience.

Our long-standing experience in tour operation, city sightseeing and event management is your source for a unique Berlin package created with your ideas in mind.

We are happy to advise you on the manifold possibilities in Berlin’s jungle of experiences and our extensive network of partners enables us to offer you a customised package according to your requirements.

Event Tours

Young dynamic business people on a team building event in Berlin

Our tailor-made sightseeing events combine an exploration of the city with a variety of entertaining team tasks alongside Berlin’s historical sights.

The participants are divided into small groups and, accompanied by a local Berlin expert, delve into the city’s eventful past. Based on your centre of interest, the teams will obtain lots of curious and intriguing facts about Germany’s capital – past and present.

The various interactive tasks enhance team spirit and promote creativity among the group members. These can include team-building exercises, photo shootings with selfie sticks, history quizzes and much more. No PlayingBerlin event is like the other!

And of course we can also take care of a framework program including visits to restaurants, galleries, museums etc.

Create your very own Berlin event – with PlayingBerlin!

City Rallies

Group of happy people enjoying team spirit during a scavenger hunt in Germany's capital

You want to get to know Germany’s exciting capital city but are not a fan of classical sightseeing tours?

Then our city rally is just what you were looking for. With intriguing Berlin questions and exciting riddles about the city you playfully explore the historical centre in small teams. Additional points can be gained en route with various fun team tasks.

The rally material provided will guide you from one stop to the next until you reach the final destination. Here you will meet with one of our guides who determines the winning team and congratulates the members with certificates and prizes.

The student variety of this rally is particularly suitable for school classes as it conveys educational content and promotes team spirit among the pupils.

All in all, this rally has something for everyone – the young, the old, the history buffs and those who are just in it for the fun of the game.

This is sightseeing at it’s best – with PlayingBerlin!

Contemporary Witness Tours

How was the atmosphere in Berlin hours before and after the fall of the wall in 1989? How was life between Stasi surveillance and social security? And how is this life looked upon today?

Who could better answer these questions than a contemporary from former East Berlin? Visit the city’s Cold War sights with one of our authentic Berlin guides.

Their individual experiences and personal stories will bring the historical sights back to life. Their description of life in the divided city will give you a glimpse into a country that disappeared more than 30 years ago. So why not use this unique opportunity to look behind the iron curtain with a real Berliner.

Bring history to life – with PlayingBerlin!

Language Rallies

What’s the easiest way to learn a language? By actually using it in a practical setting. With this in mind we developed our rally for language students whose focus lies on educational elements promoting German language learning and finding your way around Berlin with our rally booklet.

Entertaining Berlin-based tasks combined with written and spoken language exercises make playful acquisition of the German language the main draw of this rally. The participants explore the historical city centre of Berlin in small groups and compete for the prize of the winning team.

The rally material is oriented towards the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’
(A1 – C2) according to the level of the participants. The impressions and the vocabulary are guaranteed to stick with the Berlin players for good.

Learning German is easy – with PlayingBerlin!

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